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Virtual Seminar – May 21, 2022 | Provider Outreach Seminar

May 21, 2022

LP3 Network announces NEW offerings for optimizing your collaboration with providers, and it starts here.

NEW Provider Outreach Seminar: A 4-hour virtual event for compounding pharmacists, pharmacy owners, and all other staff who collaborate with providers – If you’re looking for tips and know-hows in starting your collaborative practice with providers, your journey starts here. In just half a day, gain the confidence and direction you need to begin your provider outreach efforts – understand the who, what and how in developing a sound and successful plan. Hear from Dr. Christian Stella, a fourth-generation pharmacist and owner of Precision Compounding Pharmacy in Bellmore, New York, who hit the ground running, growing his non-sterile and sterile business 20-fold and building a collaborative network of over 300 providers in just 5 short years. Capped at 25 participants, this virtual event creates an optimal interactive and engaging experience you won’t forget.

  • If you want to be known, you need to make yourself known – What it means to put yourself on the map with providers. The importance of networking, collaboration, and education for closing the triad gap.
  • Why fit in, when you can stand out – Define what makes your compounding pharmacy unique. Non-sterile, sterile, one niche, multiple niches, just starting or many years of practice – there is a unique space for your pharmacy.
  • A goal properly set is halfway reached – Establish smart, practical, and tangible goals and budgets – what does it take to build your network.
  • The odds of hitting your target goes up dramatically when you aim at it – Evaluate the current prescribing challenges, know your area, choose a specialization, understand the needs, and recognize the providers.
  • Proper preparation prevents poor performance – Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Invest in education, understand the clinical need, and know the evidence.
  • You are the expert. Own the space – Receive tips on how to navigate the conversation, speak to your strengths, provide solutions, handle objections, and achieve the collaborative relationship.

NEW Online Provider Portal: Content is King and we have the content for you. By attending LP3 Network’s Provider Outreach Seminar and Clinical Niche Seminar of your choosing (Hormone Seminar, Pain Seminar, or Dermatology Seminar), unlock an online portal that will continue to support the educational journey of your providers. A truly invaluable resource supporting providers with compounding education, as well as the technical and clinical aspects as drawn from the Niche seminars mentioned above (hormone therapy, pain therapy, and dermatology). Everything consolidated in an easy to navigate and pleasant online experience.  Contact your LP3 Network Representative for a demo and explore the inclusions below.

  • Why the need for personalization – What is pharmaceutical compounding and how it can achieve personalization.
  • Setting the record straight on compounding standards of practice – How it’s regulated and how your pharmacy not just meets, but exceeds standards.
  • Efficacy, safety, & dosing – We’ve referenced the available evidence to assist providers in their clinical judgement of formulation options with easy to navigate highlights and takeaways.
  • Sample formulas – Just the tip of the personalized medicine iceberg but a starting point of common customized therapeutic options for patients that require alternative solutions.
  • Selecting a compounding base – A resource for both pharmacists and providers – everything that goes into selecting one base over another, both formulation and clinical considerations in mind, and an overview of leading bases on the market and their recommended use.
  • How to write a compounded script – Some tips and clarifications for how to properly describe and write a compounded formulation.
  • Selecting a dispensing device – The importance of protecting the integrity of the medication and controlling dosing where applicable.

Intended audience

Compounding pharmacists, pharmacy owners, and all other staff who collaborate with providers.

Please note that this seminar addresses US-based regulations and standards, which may not be applicable to all international participants.

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05/21/2022 - 1:00pm
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05/21/2022 - 5:00pm

Dr. Christian Stella, is a fourth generation pharmacist and owner of Precision Compounding Pharmacy in Bellmore New York, who hit the ground running, growing his non-sterile and sterile compounding businesses by 20 folds and building a collaborative network of over 300 providers in just 5 short years. Dedicated to optimizing therapeutic outcomes for patients across the country, Christian’s practice specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy, aging, and metabolic medicine. Christian is a graduate of St John’s University with a Doctorate in Pharmacy; President of Proscripts Compounding Division that caters to the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL; Certified American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioner; Fellow in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine, and Founder of Vintage Lab Collections.



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