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Pain Provider Portal



Written for providers looking to get into or currently engaged in prescribing compounded pain therapy, the pain portal is a support tool for compounding pharmacists to use during their educational meetings with providers and is a valuable reference for providers to use when evaluating personalized treatment plans. Paired well with LP3 Network’s Pain Seminar, the pain portal consolidates everything in an easy to navigate and pleasant online experience.


Featured Content

  • About Compounding: Get your providers up to speed on compounding opportunities for dermatology, including how the practice is regulated and what to look for in a compounding pharmacy.
  • Efficacy, Safety, Dosing: Evidence-based medicine starts here. With over 370 references, this section provide a comprehensive summary of available efficacy, safety, and dosing evidence for common pain conditions, including, anal fissures, fibromyalgia, migraines, musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic pain, oral mucositis, osteoarthritis, procedural pain, and vulvodynia. Everything neatly organized in easy-to-digest and click-through content.
  • Sample Formulas: Designed to get providers thinking about customized formulation development, this section provides a sampling of common formulas including access to the formulation recipe itself, for various compounded pain therapies organized by clinical conditions.
  • Selecting a Base: Selecting a base has never been easier for pharmacists and providers. Organized in an easy-to-read chart, the purpose of this section is to facilitate the compare-contrast of commonly-used compounding bases so providers may select the most appropriate base for the preparation and patient.
  • Selective a Device: Selecting the appropriate delivery device is critical part of the process that controls important features including quantity dispensed and protecting the integrity of the medication. In this section we review important features to look for when selecting a device.
  • Writing a Compounded Script: When personalized medicine is appropriate, referring to this section in the portal will help guide providers on the details to include when writing a compounded prescription.
  • Continuing Education: The content contained within the portal is best applied when paired with continuing education. In the portal, providers can browse education opportunities that will not only bring their practice to new heights, but is also create a great networking opportunity between you and your provider.


How to Access

  • The Pain Provider Portal is available to compounding pharmacists or other pharmacy personnel engaged in educating providers on compounding opportunities.
    • Available for FREE* when you sign up for LP3 Network’s Pain Seminar – Sign Up
    • Available for purchase on its own for $795.00 USD – click on the "Register" tab
  • Once registered, the registrant will receive an activation code that the registrant can use to gain access to the Pain Provider Portal.
  • Given the intent is to educate providers, the access code can be shared with up to 10 of their providers, free of charge (access is capped at 11 users).
  • Registration to the portal is valid for a period of one (1) year from receipt of activation code date, with option to renew.

*Upon completion of the Pain Seminar registrants will receive an activation code to gain free access to the Pain Provider Portal for a period of one (1) year following registrant's receipt of activation code, regardless of when the portal itself is first accessed. LP3 Network Inc. retains the right to modify or cancel this offering at any time and for any reason. Offering is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-redeemable for monetary value. For more information please speak to an LP3 Network representative.

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There are no refunds, returns, or transfers upon purchase of the portal.


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