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Fitness Guidelines and Exercise Physiology: Addressing Men's Needs

From a physiologic viewpoint, it is evident that men and women have very different bodies. The reality is the majority of men are stronger and can build muscle mass more efficiently than women due to their elevated testosterone levels. In this webinar, misconceptions and problems specific to men’s fitness and the effects of this on their health will be discussed. An overview of the history of men in exercise culture will be presented, followed by new technology that will likely continue advancements in monitoring and assessing men’s fitness levels. From here, participants will review recent research evaluating men’s physical attributes and abilities. These findings will highlight the need for male-tailored nutrition, supplementation, and exercise.

Intended audience

  • Individuals interested in an introduction to fitness


Welcomed Audience

  • Fitness Professionals
  • Healthcare Professionals


Learning Objectives

  1. Review and relate the essential elements and definitions from the introductory webinar on Fitness Guidelines and Physiology to men’s fitness.
  2. Understand misconceptions and problems that may contribute to the lack of male participation in certain exercises or sports.
  3. Recognize how men’s bodies adapt differently to exercise.
  4. Review scientific evidence that highlights male-specific capabilities.
  5. Identify essential nutrients, supplements, and exercise that would benefit men’s fitness and health.


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  • 1.00 Contact Hours

TAMI BANON, BEd, MSc Candidate

Junior Medical Writer, LP3 Network
Disclosure: None

Ms. Banon completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education at McGill University, where she discovered her interests in health education, kinesiology, and epidemiology.

Ms. Banon is currently completing a Master’s of Science in Public Health at the University of Montreal, where she specializes in health promotion and disease prevention. Her main interests include exercise science, education, social medicine, and chronic disease prevention.

Ms. Banon’s interest in exercise science stems from her passion for sports. She competed in varsity-level synchronized swimming during her undergraduate studies and holds four national championship titles with her McGill Synchro team from 2014 to 2017. Tami currently plays water polo and has recently won a gold medal and national title with her CAMO Water Polo team in the senior women’s National Championship League in 2018. She hopes to inspire and educate people through her experiences as an athlete and as an educator.


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