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Compounding Pharmacy Medication Errors – What the Data Says (On-demand)


An effective pharmacy quality assurance (QA) program is more than simply reporting errors and close-calls. The sweet spot for a compounding pharmacy is to have management’s total buy-in, employees who embrace safety as part of the job, and basic tools to assess improvement. The important goals are to shift your team’s focus from 1) errors to harm; 2) individual heroism to group risk mindfulness; and 3) fixing problems to preventing problems.

This program will take a 360 degree view of key strategies that assure your safety program is comprehensive, pragmatic, and effective. The presentation will help you ensure your program is designed to 1) actively identify risks, 2) manage events to minimize harm and maximize learning, and 3) prevent future harmful events.


Intended audience

    • Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians

    Learning Objectives

    Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians

    1. Describe the primary goal of a medication safety program.
    2. Recognize the importance of implementing safety and risk process measures in a quality assurance program for compounding.
    3. Identify key elements that make a quality assurance program practical and effective to ensure medication safety.
    4. Describe key strategies in a quality assurance program to identify, manage, and prevent risks to improve risk management and reduce medication errors.

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    Course summary
    John M. Kessler, B.S. Pharm., PharmD 

    John M. Kessler, B.S. Pharm., PharmD, is the Chief Medication Safety Officer for the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS PSO) based in Richmond Virginia – a Patient Safety Organization specifically addressing pharmacy’s needs. He is also the Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of SecondStory Health, LLC, based in Chapel Hill, NC. 

    He graduated from West Virginia University and from Duquesne University and has more than 45 years of experience in pharmacy with a special interest in medication safety and quality assurance. 

    His work with APMS includes consulting with compounding pharmacies conducting root cause analyses, analyzing Quality Related Events (QREs) for patterns of error, risk and successes to improve safe practices in compounding pharmacies.

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