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Pharmacy Finance 101: A Guide to Key Financial Elements to Facilitate the Success of Your Pharmacy (PFM On-demand)


Pharmacy practice has evolved into a dual role of a provider of healthcare as well as a business to ensure longevity for continual patient care while maintaining profitable outcomes. Understanding your financial information is, therefore, a key fundamental pillar of a successful pharmacy. 

This webinar will discuss the key aspects of pharmacy accounting, financial statements, and key performance indicators that you need to know to maximize your bottom line and understand your pharmacy. This webinar will also touch on key tax strategies that you need to consider to help minimize your tax liability and improve your cash flow.


Intended audience

    • Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians

    Learning Objectives

    Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians

    1. Recognize the importance of understanding your financial information as a key player in the success of your pharmacy.
    2. Discuss key elements of pharmacy accounting and financial statements.
    3. Describe key performance indicators that can leverage your net income and facilitate improved understanding of your pharmacy.
    4. Identify key tax strategies to consider for helping minimize your tax liability and improve your cash flow.

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    Course summary
    Scotty Sykes

    With 20+ years’ experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at Sykes & Company, P.A, Scotty Sykes works directly with pharmacy owners on key accounting, tax, and advisory matters. Scotty’s focus is pharmacy accounting, tax planning, individual tax and corporate tax preparation and advisory for pharmacy owners.

    Scotty received a B.S. in Business Administration and M.S. in Accountancy from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He then earned his CPA certification in 2011 and his Certified Financial Planner certification in 2019.

    Scotty is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants, and is a corporate member of the National Community Pharmacists Association. He has also published numerous pharmacy accounting and tax-related articles in various publications including America’s Pharmacist and Elements, both of which are official magazines for the National Community Pharmacists Association and the PBA Health organization, respectively.

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