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Labs On-Demand: Sterile Compounding

Labs On-Demand: Sterile Compounding is a convenient, self-paced, audiovisual experience for your sterile compounding needs, including in garbing of non-hazardous and hazardous personal protective equipment, cleanroom workflow, and aseptic techniques. With over 25 on-demand videos and over two hours of video recordings, Labs On-Demand for sterile compounding features a face-to-face dialogue with an experienced sterile compounding pharmacist, hand hygiene and washing, donning, doffing and gloving. It talks you through the activities performed in the anteroom, pre-sterilization room and buffer room of a state-of-the-art three-room cleanroom suite and the use of pass-throughs between these rooms. Aseptic manipulations are first presented in isolation for your ease of learning, quickly moving to a series of aseptic manipulations, and finishing with a complete compounded sterile preparation. Featured technologies include the syringe, needle, filter, vial, IV bag, dispensing system, sterility test by membrane filtration device, and more. Watch and learn or practice along with us as we perform these techniques. It’s the best way to learn!

Intended audience

    • Pharmacists
    • Pharmacy Technicians

    Learning Objectives

    1. Learn how to don and doff personal protective equipment before entering and exiting the cleanroom
    2. Gain a broad scope understanding of workflow for the cleanroom environment
    3. Master the fine motor skills for individual aseptic manipulations
    4. Assemble a sets of aseptic manipulations to perform elements of preparatory procedures
    5. Elevate your skills to perform all the sequential steps in preparing a Compounded Sterile Preparation

    Hardware/software requirements


    Desktop Browsers

    Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and Opera
    MobileApple iPhones and iPads iOS 6+, Android phones and tablets 4.1+

    Internet connection

    • Viewing videos at 360p requires 1.0 Megabit per second (Mbps)
    • Viewing videos at 480p (SD quality) requires 3.0 Mbps 
    • Viewing videos at 720p (HD quality) requires 5.0 Mbps


    Earbuds/headphones or built-in/external speakers


    Financial Support

    This learning activity has received financial support from MEDISCA Inc. in the form of an educational grant.


    This CE Activity is Copyright © 2023 LP3 Network.

    Course summary
    Available credit: 
    • 0.30 CEU (ACPE)
    • 3.00 Contact Hours

    Labs On-Demand Playlist

    Cleanroom Workflow Videos

    Proper Hygiene for the Cleanroom
    Preparing Supplies for the Cleanroom
    Donning Sterile Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Donning Sterile Gloves
    Donning Additional PPE for Hazardous Drug Compounding
    Workflow Principles and Practices for the Anteroom
    Workflow Principles and Practices for the Pre-Sterilization Room
    Powder Containment Hood
    Transferring from Pre-Sterilization to Buffer Room
    Workflow Principles and Practices for the Buffer Room
    Workflow Principles and Practices for the ISO Class 5 Primary Engineering Control
    Doffing Personal Protective Equipment

    Aseptic Technique Videos

    Sanitizing the Primary Engineering Control
    Aseptic Techniques: Basic Principles
    Closed System Transfer Device for Hazardous Drug Compounding
    Fluid Dispensing Systems for Small Volume Fills

    Aseptic Technique Skill Set Videos

    Media-Fill Test from Non-Sterile Starting Ingredients
    Filtration Sterilization into Open and Sealed Vials
    Device Manipulations
    Preparation for Simulation 1: Manipulating a 0.5 µm Filter Needle
    Preparation for Simulation 2: Manipulating a Vented Needle
    Preparation for Simulation 3: Manipulating 0.22 µm Disc Filters in Series
    Preparation for Simulation 4: Manipulating an Extension Tube
    Preparation for Simulation 5: Manipulating Air Pressure
    Dispensing Systems and Sterility Testing by Membrane Filtration Method
    Small Volume Hazardous Drug Compounding

    Simulated CSP Video

    Preparation of Aqueous-Based Injectable Solution from Non-Sterile Ingredients



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    This CE Activity is accredited for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) through CPE Consultants, LLC.

    Total CPE Credits: 3 CPE Hours = 0.3 CEUs

    Credits3 CPE Hours = 0.3 CEUs
    Release DateApril 1, 2023
    Expiration DateApril 1, 2024

    Completion Requirements

    • Complete the program by watching all the online playlist videos.
    • Complete the learning assessment with a minimum passing score of 70%.
    • Submit a completed program evaluation online.
    • Please make sure to complete the program within 60 days of purchase. If this is not possible, please contact the LP3 Network Team.

    When the aforementioned steps have been completed and approved:

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    accreditorCPE Consultants, LLC is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

    International participants should verify with their respective governing board for accreditation equivalency.



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