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Leadership and Learning (stand-alone)

Program Format

Home Study (Knowledge-based; 1 hour) prerequisite read that reviews leadership skills, and factors that contribute to, and foster, a culture of quality. The Home Study component of the program concludes with a competency assessment as it prepares the learner for the Virtual Seminar.

Virtual Seminar (Application-based; 4 hours) that allows you to connect with the compounding pharmacy community across all borders and professional boundaries by interacting online, in real time, through breakout sessions and discussions, group presentation and rehearsal, open mic Q&A sessions, polls, and online chats.


Instructional Design

The Virtual Seminar explores leadership and facilitator attributes and styles, and the means to foster a culture of quality in the workplace. The learner will then identify their own leadership and facilitator strengths. Against the backdrop of a rehearsed safe-space/safe-place environment, the learner will begin to cultivate their own leadership style. By the end of the Seminar each Leader will begin to experience the rewards of deploying a healthy leadership style. The goal of this program is to create a foundation upon which a well-founded Leadership style may emerge that will be further developed throughout the year based on anonymous feedback from work colleagues and practical experience.


Program Description

The Leadership and Learning professional development module empowers all Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians with a set of skills enabling them to facilitate an audience of their peers, become leaders in their own right and to foster a culture of quality for the betterment of the compounding practice.


Intended Audience

Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Managers, designated persons in positions of responsibility, and Quality Assurance & Quality Control officers looking to advance their leadership and/or facilitator skills in the compounding practice.


Program Objectives

After completing this program, the pharmacist or pharmacy technician will be able to…

  • demonstrate leadership skills when interacting with others
  • apply facilitation skills when interacting with others
  • support a culture of quality in the workplace
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