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Labs Online: Non-Sterile Compounding Training | College of Pharmacy at NEOMED

Pause. Rewind. Repeat. Labs Online is a convenient, self-paced, audiovisual experience you will want to get your hands on. Wherever you are across the globe – Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Educator, Pharmacy Student – Labs Online offers an innovative, cost-effective, and convenient way to learn the step-by-step processes for non-sterile compounding. With over 25 videos (5 to 10 minutes each), Labs Online walks you through essential non-sterile compounding techniques, everything from donning PPE, to setting up your workstation, to mixing, to the use of various technologies, to quality control and much, much more. After mastering these essential skills, Labs Online provides the a-to-z in preparing 8 common non-sterile dosage forms – suppositories, troches, rapid dissolve tablets, capsules, creams, gels, PLOs, and oral liquids.

ACPE-accredited for your continuing education credit requirements and brought to you by global leader in continuing healthcare education, Labs Online meets and exceeds standard of practice. Perfectly paired with hands-on training, labs online will bring your compounding skillset to new heights! What’s even more – these videos are available to you for up to 1 year after purchase, serving as the perfect resource to continually refine your skills.

Intended audience

    • Pharmacists
    • Pharmacy Technicians
    • Pharmacy Educators
    • Pharmacy Students

    Learning Objectives


    1. Translate audiovisual learning into demonstrated techniques in compounding
    2. Relate a technique to its impact on qualitative and quantitative assessment outcomes
    3. Select and assemble techniques into an appropriate order of operation for a dosage form
    4. Prepare various solid, semisolid and liquid dosage forms


    It has been demonstrated through scientific study that visual observation interspersed with practice, as compared to visual observation alone, results in a higher level of learning of motor skills and longer retention. We strongly encourage program participants with access to a compounding facility, to combine observational learning from the videos with hands-on practice sessions.1

    Hardware/software requirements


    Desktop Browsers

    Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and Opera
    MobileApple iPhones and iPads iOS 6+, Android phones and tablets 4.1+

    Internet connection

    • Viewing videos at 360p requires 1.0 Megabit per second (Mbps)
    • Viewing videos at 480p (SD quality) requires 3.0 Mbps 
    • Viewing videos at 720p (HD quality) requires 5.0 Mbps


    Earbuds/headphones or built-in/external speakers


    Financial Support

    This learning activity has received financial support from MEDISCA Inc. in the form of an educational grant.


    This CE Activity is Copyright © 2021 LP3 Network.

    1Larsson, BC, Ho, DK, Kraeutner, SN and Hodges, NJ (2021) Combining Observation and Physical Practice: Benefits of an Interleaved Schedule for Visuomotor Adaptation and Motor Memory Consolidation. Front. Hum. Neurosci. 15:614452. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2021.614452

    Course summary
    Available credit: 
    • 4.00 Contact Hours

    Labs Online Playlist

    1. Welcome to Labs Online
    2. Techniques – Introduction
    3. Techniques – Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment
    4. Techniques – Donning and Doffing Hazardous Personal Protective Equipment
    5. Techniques – Workstation Sanitization
    6. Techniques – Electronic Balance Operations
    7. Techniques – Weighing Solids and Semisolids
    8. Techniques – Measuring Liquids
    9. Techniques – Sieving Powders for Blends and Suspensions
    10. Techniques – Sieving Powders for Separation
    11. Techniques – Trituration
    12. Techniques – Levigation
    13. Techniques – Using a Spatula
    14. Techniques – Heating and Melting
    15. Techniques – Mixing Options for Powders
    16. Techniques – Mixing Options for Semisolids
    17. Techniques – Mixing Options for Liquids
    18. Techniques – Operating an Ointment Mill
    19. Techniques – pH Testing
    20. Dosage Forms – Introduction
    21. Dosage Forms – Suppositories
    22. Dosage Forms – Troches
    23. Dosage Forms – Rapid Dissolve Tablets
    24. Dosage Forms – Capsules
    25. Dosage Forms – Creams
    26. Dosage Forms – Gels
    27. Dosage Forms – Pluronic Lecithin Organogel
    28. Dosage Forms – Oral Liquids
    29. Learning Assessment Instructions & Closing Remarks


    Advanced Clinical & Formulation Pharmacist, MEDISCA Network
    Disclosure: None

    Dr. Cormier is a pharmacist with over 20 years of diverse pharmacy field experience, which includes pharmacy operations/management and community pharmacy compounding of both non-sterile and sterile preparations. Currently, Dr. Cormier is an Advanced Clinical and Formulation Pharmacist at Medisca Network where she is responsible for approving customized non-sterile and sterile compounding formula requests and consults with pharmacists and prescribers across the globe. Additionally, she consults with LP3 Network in the development of various ACPE-accredited programs and supervises the maintenance and operation of LP3 Network’s sterile and non-sterile courses at the University of South California. Dr. Cormier provides clinical research support and subject-matter expertise to various pharmaceutical companies and is well versed in United States and Canadian pharmacy regulations.



    CE Program Developer | Inventory & Laboratory Logistics, LP3 Network
    Disclosure: None



    CE Program Developer, LP3 Network
    Disclosure: None

    Neil graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University in 1985, and has since worked alongside medical and allied health professionals in the fields of rehabilitation and workers’ compensation medical services. Serving the compounding pharmacy community for the past 15 years, Neil is responsible for the development, design, and implementation of LP3 Network’s training programs.

    In his free time, Neil’s special interests include photography and astronomy.


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