This activity takes the student pharmacist through a broad range of easy to implement development strategies to establish a successful compounding practice. As the student pharmacist gains insight into these strategies, they will gain knowledge of laws, regulations, standards of practice, reason and rationale to compound, patient-specific compliance-related solutions, niche market opportunities, and personal formulary development. Coupled together, the practical application of development strategies with recently gained knowledge will favorably position the new compounding pharmacist in the marketplace.     



  • ​Develop a strong foundation of business practices and development strategies to strengthen the relative position of a new compounding practice in a competitive marketplace.
  • Establish required parameters of practice through interpretation of laws, regulations, and standards of practice.
  • Examine an infrastructure upon which to build a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures.
  • Inspect an efficient and effective strategy to generate a personalized practice formulary.
  • Ascertain reason and rationale to compound upon receipt of a prescription.
  • Identify non-compliance-related challenges and compliance-related solutions, leading to the development of compounding opportunities.
  • Determine interference factors that prohibit or obstruct patient care, the means to combat these factors, and further develop compounding opportunities.