WHS Induction Check List



This checklist is to be completed by the training participant.

  1. I have completed the “Sign-in” requirements.
  2. I understand that I must sign in at the commencement of each training and sign out at the end of each training day.
  3. I was introduced to the key staff member/s
  4. Exits were pointed out
  5. Emergency equipment & exits were pointed out
  6. Emergency evacuation procedures explained
  7. Assembly area pointed out
  8. I was made aware of the first aid kit and first aid personnel
  9. I understand that Medisca is committed to my work health and safety and have a safety management system (policies, procedures & programs) in place
  10. I understand the requirement for all to care of their own health and safety and ensure their acts & omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others
  11.  I understand my WHS responsibilities also include the requirement to follow MEDISCA’s personnel instructions and obey MEDISCA’s policies & procedures whilst on site
  12. I understand that I am to report all hazards, risks, incident and injury to Medisca staff immediately
  13. I was orientated to the laboratory, training clean rooms and training room
  14. I was explained The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding health and safety information
  15. I was explained the specific hazards and risks to health and safety in the laboratory training room and its equipment and ingredients as well as any chemicals used in the training
  16. I was introduced to key staff member/s; wardens, first aiders, trainers
  17. I understand the incident reporting process
  18. I understand the requirements for, and the use and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  19. I understand the safe transport, storage and handling of chemical and pharmaceutical compounding elements

Please review the information above and click the "SUBMIT" button below.

Thank you for remaining accountable and continuing your commitment to the health and safety of one another.

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