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Curso Internacional de Manipulação de Preparações Estéreis em Farmácia
Aventura, FL – June 3-4, 2023
Please complete the evaluation by answering all questions.
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly DisagreeNot Applicable
The topic was appropriate to my practice and met my educational needs.
The goals and objectives listed above were clear and appropriate to the activity.
The faculty was knowledgeable about the topic.
The faculty was well prepared for the presentation.
The teaching and learning methods were effective for my learning experience.
The educational materials will be useful to me in my practice.
The activity included effective active learning.
The learning assessment (post-test, discussion, etc.) was appropriate for the activity.
The program provided me with information and skills that will be useful to me in my practice/profession.
The program provided me with content applicable to my licensure and/or certification requirements.
Your overall rating of the quality of the education offered by this educational activity
Highly AgreeAgreeDon't KnowDisagreeHighly Disagree
This evaluation allows me to express my views of the activity adequately.
This evaluation is appropriate and fair for this activity.
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